Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here is the inside cover of the 'Without you' ep. I kept it as minimal as possible, just the song titles, contact details, song & recording credits and a dedication to Ange.

Dylan tidied up the three tracks for me, he took out some meaningless banter and background noise from 'This old house' & 'I'll wait for you' and removed an annoying noise at the end of 'Without you' and added reverb to the final vocals. It's raised the standard of the whole recording & I'm really happy with how it's come out. The design isn't anything flash but it's not really meant to be, I wanted it simple so it stands up over time, with such a basic cover & inlay design it should hold up over the years. I imagine this will be a recording that people will discover post whatever success I end up getting. If my 2nd or 3rd record ends up being the most popular, this ep & the Pisces ep 'Mi casa, su casa' will be recording's that people will go back & find. In that respect I think it's going to hold up well.

I took the artwork into Amstore yesterday so they're mocking up the cover, I just need to courier the finished tracks to them & we're away!

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