Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Here is the inside cover of the 'Without you' ep. I kept it as minimal as possible, just the song titles, contact details, song & recording credits and a dedication to Ange.

Dylan tidied up the three tracks for me, he took out some meaningless banter and background noise from 'This old house' & 'I'll wait for you' and removed an annoying noise at the end of 'Without you' and added reverb to the final vocals. It's raised the standard of the whole recording & I'm really happy with how it's come out. The design isn't anything flash but it's not really meant to be, I wanted it simple so it stands up over time, with such a basic cover & inlay design it should hold up over the years. I imagine this will be a recording that people will discover post whatever success I end up getting. If my 2nd or 3rd record ends up being the most popular, this ep & the Pisces ep 'Mi casa, su casa' will be recording's that people will go back & find. In that respect I think it's going to hold up well.

I took the artwork into Amstore yesterday so they're mocking up the cover, I just need to courier the finished tracks to them & we're away!

Monday, March 14, 2011

EP Cover

Ok, so here's some more updates of my record label/production company logo. I'm not sure whether it should be just "Saber Youth" or "A Saber Youth Production" or "Saber Youth Productions"

And here's the ep cover with a slightly different placement of the title & my name, I think I prefer this:

& this is just a different colour of the above:

I've taken next Wednesday off work to take everything to Amstore and get it priced. IAt the moment I'm just thinking the front cover with a black folded back cover with minimal extra writing, just the song titles. I'm also heading to a friend's place on Thursday night to take some of the ruff edges off the recordings and get the levels equal cause apparantly Amstore just use whatever you show up with.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

EP 1

So, have spoken to amstore about the duplication of my first ep, "without you". Again, here is the artwork with a slightly bigger font:

I really like this photo, it's a good representation of the music. It was taken walking along the waterfront one evening after work, that's a sculling crew out on the water just above the album title. I also have to think about the wording on the inside cover and if I register it under my own label? I thought about calling my company "Saber Youth Productions", just a take on Sabertooth Productions. I had a dream a long time ago that I had a production company called sabertooth & we were responsible for all types of projects, not just music & it's always stuck. I prefer saber youth though cause it's less wanky..

So I guess I'd have to put this somewhere on the inside cover & what about my songs? How do I stop anyone from pilfering them. Lot's of things to think about, I know there's free legal services for musicians so I'm going to have to do a bit of investigating to find out what I need to do. At least the actual production is affordable, it's only $4.14 per cd duplication, and they do runs as small as 20 so the actual CD's production will only be around $100.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ep Covers

So here's the ep cover's as they stand. It'll probably change, but I think they're ok:
Pisces - Me Casa Su Casa (which means "my house is your house", and I've just realised it's Mi Casa, not Me casa.. whoops)

& my solo one - Without You. The font looks a bit small looking at it like this. & I'm not sure if I shouldn't call it "You don't have to say it.."

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Ok, the things to achieve this year:

EP covers for:
Marty Andrews - 'You don't have to say it'. Without you - This old house - I'll wait for you
Pisces - 'Me Casa, Su Casa'. Intro - Control - These days - Oh my

Finish recording Pisces album - 'Lordy, lordy, lordy'

Put on one show of my own. Either organise at an established venue or use my own equipment to put together a rogue concert somewhere.

Learn to use my P.A.

Knowing me, I'll get one or two of these done, but that's the goals for the year. It's a big year for me anyway, if I get these things done I'll be STOKED!