Monday, March 14, 2011

EP Cover

Ok, so here's some more updates of my record label/production company logo. I'm not sure whether it should be just "Saber Youth" or "A Saber Youth Production" or "Saber Youth Productions"

And here's the ep cover with a slightly different placement of the title & my name, I think I prefer this:

& this is just a different colour of the above:

I've taken next Wednesday off work to take everything to Amstore and get it priced. IAt the moment I'm just thinking the front cover with a black folded back cover with minimal extra writing, just the song titles. I'm also heading to a friend's place on Thursday night to take some of the ruff edges off the recordings and get the levels equal cause apparantly Amstore just use whatever you show up with.

1 comment:

reginald said...

i prefer the middle one with the name and the title moved to the bottom of the picture....