Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things on my mind

Favourite tracks at the mo.. This & this.

Finally got around to picking up the Nirvana live at Reading DVD. I'd heard so much about this show, I used to think if there was one concert I could go back in time & see it would be this set. Apparantly it was legendary. Well, these are my thoughts:
  1. Kurts influences were impeccable. They cover both the Wipers 'D7' & Fang's 'The money will roll right in', both fucking awesome songs & just reeking in cred.
  2. 'Teen spirit' fucking rocks. There's a lot of high points in the set but starting this song with the intro to 'more than a feeling' before kicking into the actual song is genius.
  3. Dave & Krist were an awesome rhythm section. Dave's playing is amazing throughout & Krist jumping around like a madman gives another focal point to the stage set-up. Kurts fairly subdued onstage demeanor is counterpointed by Krist's pogoing at stage right.
  4. I see why 'Love buzz' was left off the companion CD. Shame it's such a disastor cause it's a great track.
  5. Love the dancer they have throughout, although he looks exhausted by set's end.
  6. Overall it's easy to see why this show is rated so highly, it's a kick ass, aggressive beast of a show. I found myself wondering what it must of sounded like to the masses back then who mostly only would've known 'teen spirit'. By the end of the show with the band covering the two songs above & ending with 'Territorial pissings' & token set destruction, it was pretty much a punk show. I wonder if they were a but miffed by the whole thing? Lucky bastard though that Kurt handed his guitar to at the end. Motherfucker.

Of the five songs I'm trying to write I have:

  1. These falling leaves - Although I find it a bit twee, I just think it's too good not to keep. & a song about environmental disaster? Who doesn't want that in their set? Kurt would hate it.
  2. Can't find my way home - See this post.
  3. Obituary - A nice song with a morbid title. A song about the end of things, changing for the better etc. It has a nice guitar line, which I've always wanted to right into an acoustic song over a fairly basic chord sequence. I like it.
  4. Lullaby - This has turned into another sweet song (something I seem to be a little too good at writing) about a father quietening a sleeping child who's wokan during the night. Againg I like it, but enough of the sweet songs already!

I haven't started a fifth yet, but I'm hoping it'll be something a bit bluesier & ballsier. I'm sick of nice songs.

Next for the album recording:

  1. Transfer the second tape onto pro-tools. The tracks on there are, Secret Garden, Portrait, Lover & Hope.
  2. Get some rockabilly piano on 'In the meantime'. Allan knows someone who he thinks can do this for me & he's just had a piano put in the recording room so this should be do-able. Can't wait to hear the track with piano, it's gonna rock.
  3. Try to get a horn section for 'Only a fool' & trumpet solo for 'In the meantime'. I actually dreamt the trumpet solo, it's not something I'd ever have thought of, a trumpet on a rock'n'roll tune but it's intriguing enough to give it a go. I met a trumpet player a couple of years ago through my mate Dylan so when we're ready I'm going to facebook message him & see if he'd be interested in playing on a couple of tracks. No harm in asking huh?

So that's what's next for the album. Doesn't look like it'll be finished by Christmas but I'm gettinng there!

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