Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy - Session 11

Went to Allan's on Sunday to transfer the second tape to pro-tools. Fallen, Lover, Secret Garden & portrait. Fallen sounds great, I decided while I was there that I'm going to really try to get a string section for it. It sounds good but the rising & falling tempo of the track would benefit hugely from a string section. It could probably be covered by a synth/piano but for the recording I'll do my damndest to get the real thing. Lover sounds ok, I think everythings there but we'll have to do some magic in the mixing. Secret Garden's a bit too crunchy, I'm going to re-record the opening guitar part to get it a bit cleaner before the crunch of the chorus. On the plus, the middle section sounds great. Portrait is probably my favourite of the four tracks so far. The 12 string works beautifully, it was a god send to be able to use it for the recording. The harp, vocals & shaker all work as well. Adding the BV's will almost see the track done.

Am back there this Sunday to do some vocals, Carly's coming so we'll try to get her vocals mixed where she's happy then I'll send a copy away to Active. Sweet!

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Crafty Tuesday said...

What's 'crunchy' (other than a chocolate bar)?