Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy - Session's 9 & 10

Went to Allan's on Sunday & again yesterday evening. He's just had pro-tools installed so the majority of the time was spent transferring from tape to his laptop. On Sunday night I managed to get the main vocal & tamborine done on 'Only a fool'. I warmed up for a while & did three takes, we kept the third. It's amazing what a difference warming up can make, I've learnt that the hard way cause there's been times where I've only been able to do one take & blown my vocals on the one take, I've even done that at a gig, actually lost my voice half way through a gig. Ouch.
Otherwise we transferred Hope, In the meantime, I'll wait for you, City streets & Jimmy Jones.

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Crafty Tuesday said...

You presume correct.

And yes it is.

And I hope you ration it too :)