Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pillage & plunder at the tugboat

There's a few things coming up that need commentating on:

San Fran, Thurs 12 Nov.
We have a rehearsal gig at San Fran this Thursday night. Generally speaking we're using it as a chance to go over songs which need work before our big gig at the Engine room on 20/11.

It's all just a joke anyway
Deja Vu
Jimmy Jones
Over you
Our biggest gig is nearing & I'm getting nervous. The show at the tugboat is the first time I'll be playing using my elctric guitars, pedals, amp & PA system. A lot more ways for things to wrong when all I've used in the past is the in house PA. I'm not worried about the performance but I am worried that it's going to sound amateurish & we lose credibility. Apparantly the sound man is coming round this weekend so I'll feel alot better about things once he's seen my gear & we've given it a run through.

2 Days (First time we've played)
Secret Garden
Lover, what do you take me for?
It's all just a joke anyway
Only a fool
Fallen (lovers lament)
Deja Vu
I'll wait for you
Jimmy Jones
Portrait of the young man as an artist
Over You
In the meantime
I have a lot vested in this gig, it's the first time we've played a show which is being advertised around town, we're closing the show so there's the pressure of us sending people away happy they've received their money's worth. Mum & wayne are coming down for it. It's the first gig people have to pay to get into that we've played. All I want is to play as well as I know we can & there be no technical difficulties. If that happens then I'll be happy.

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