Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two days to go..

Well, in 48 hours I'll have my gear set up at the Engine Room & I'll be counting down the hours till soundcheck at 6. Mum & Wayne are coming down for it so I'll meet up with them before to try to kill some time. Here's the venue, it's a converted tugboat which is parked on Oriental Parade in Wellington.

You enter from the unsighted side & the deck above is a restaurant and below is the venue/bar.

The band is almost ready, we had that rehearsal gig last week at San Fran. It went pretty well, we played 'Fallen' for the first time in a while. Graeme got a bit lost in the middle section but we picked it back up ok. We have our final rehearsal tonight so fingers crossed we can iron out the final kinks. The soundman's also coming over tonight to check my gear, hopefully it's held up ok after a year in my damp wardrobe.. It freakin better have cause I spent about $7K on it & it's the first time it's been used.

I've cut the set down to 12 songs from 14 which is still about an hours worth of material. I wrecked my voice screaming at the All White game on Sat night so I don't want to sing longer than necessary. Here's the setlist:

Comin Home/Secret Garden/Lover/It's just a joke/Jimmy Jones/Only a fool/Fallen/Hope/Deja Vu/I'll wait for you/Control*/Over you/In the meantime

*We'll only play this if things going ok

It's a fairly upbeat set with a good mix of rockers & slow numbers. I'm not gonna play using my distortion pedal just to cut down the chances of things going wrong. I'll just try to find a nice clear tone through my amp & hold on that.

Anyway, I'll see if Ange can take a video & post it on my next entry.

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