Monday, September 13, 2010

Lordy, lordy, lordy - Session 8

Went to Allan's yesterday hoping to finish all my guitar parts. Re-do the entire 'Only a fool', and a new intro for 'Secret Garden' cause the current one is too crunchy. I want a nice clean start to the song before the crunch of the chorus kicks in. Allan has just installed pro-tools so it took a while just to set everything up. We finally got under way and I managed to get 'Only a fool' down in about three hours. It included the main rhythm guitar, a second rhythm during the chorus and a solo, which is probably my favourite part of the whole thing. It's the first solo I've ever recorded and it came out pretty good, if I may say so myself! Being that we were recording to pro-tools instead of tape I was able to take a copy of the session away with me, which was handy. The guitar works not perfect, I missed the timing for the intro to the song slightly & there's some timing issue's with the solo but overall I think the songs flying, which is what I wanted for the track so I'm happy with it. I always envisioned horns on the song so I'm going to ask Allan if he know's anyone that might be able to do it cause if I can get a horn section on the song I think it could really turn into a special song & another option as a single.

So that leaves the intro to 'Secret Garden' & I also want to re-do my harmonica on 'Potrait' & will also need to have another listen to 'Lover' cause I'm not sure about that either. & that's where it's at. I'm back at Allan's this w/end so hopefully can get a bit more done then.

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