Friday, October 9, 2009

It's been a while..

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, I thought I should get onto it & start posting again. We played happy last night supporting the Rodrigous Brothers. Set was:

Secret Garden
It's all just a joke anyway
Deja Vu
Jimmy Jones
The old man & the sea
I'll wait for you
In the meantime

The things I took out of the gig were, 1. We need to practice before a gig, even if it's only once. The guys missed a lot of cues, I had to actually stop playing Control because they'd forgotten where they come in. Hope had a naff ending, & they came in too early on It's all just a joke. 2. Last night was the first time I used one of my electrics - it was awesome! Loved it & looking forward to using it again. 3. My voiced started cracking & breaking around Deja Vu. I need to learn to warm it up and look after it, especially if it's been a while.

Overall, it was a pretty unprofessional set by us, we're a lot better than that & it was slightly embarrassing to put on such a up & down performance. There were really good moments but also crinch worthy moments, ie losing my voice, stopping a song. Definately things to work on.

Coming up we've got a great gig beneath Tugboat on the bay on Nov 20th. It's our first time headlining a show and my first time using my own PA system & electric guitars, I want to get as prepared as possible cause this is our first proper, major gig. Exciting but a little apprehensive, we can't afford another night like last Friday if we're really gonna make a go of this. I know we have the songs to pull it off it's just a case of everything coming together on the night & being prepared.

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