Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas gigs

Well, where to start? Unfortunately our Nov gig at Blend fell through due to clashing with bookings so I'm at him now to sort one early for us in Dec. It's such a freakin pride swallowing, soul destroying process trying to get a bar to take a chance on you. To them you're just another band that doesn't even play music people are gonna know, why the hell should he bother? You try to give them a sense of what you're trying to achieve & get them believing a little that it can actually be a successful venture but until they see it with their own eyes you're basically pushing shit uphill. That's why every show we play is so important, we proving ourselves everytime we play & for every listener we win over with a good show, 10 others will be put off by a bad one. But that's what it makes it so much fun right? These are the days that I'll look back on fondly, struggling for gigs, sweaty shaking hands before we play - this only happens once in a bands career so might as well enjoy it. The birth of the band.
Have also been offered a gig at the Wellington Musicians club Christmas function on Sat Dec 8. It's a six song set with five other bands, if it works out it'll be the first time our name has been on a flyer being distributed around town. That's pretty cool. It would also be pretty sweet playing to a bunch of musicians, like minded people that'll be listening to the band with a discerning ear.
Myself & two other Asteron staff are also forming a band to play at our social club Christmas function. I got to choose the setlist so I indulged a little & chose old rock'n'roll tracks by Elvis & the Beatles & Chuck Berry, that sort of thing. It's been a fantasy of mine to play this type of set for a while so I totally get to indulge myself.
Anyway, will post later when & if the gigs get the greenlight.

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Not Kate said...

There is even talk of Marty going a little pelvis action on the Elvis song.... watch out!