Thursday, October 25, 2007

The day after the day after.

Gig went well, better than I was hoping. We ended up using another bands PA so hired it off them for $125 which was a lot better than the $350 Vidcom was charging us. One of the guys in the band we hired it off 'Noodles' came & set it up for us so that was one headache averted. Almost forgot to cancel the already booked PA & only remembered on the bus home which resulted in a mad 018 call from the bus & missing my stop, thus walking home from the basin making me even more stressed than I already was.
Actually can't remember ever being that nervous. At the beginning of the show when we kicked off with Secret Garden I put my hand up in a rock star pose & realised it was shaking - definately not rock n roll - I put it back down pretty quickly.
Set list was

Secret Garden
City Streets
In the meantime

Over all it was good, started strongly with the first three tracks, lost a bit of momentum, then finished strongly with the last three. Masquerade was the best we've played it, it was a strong way to finish the show. Overall I give it a 8/10. Not perfect but effective in showing what we are & do.

Spoke to Jono the bar manager afterwards, he was happy with the way things went & the crowd we pulled. He offered to get us back but he wants every sixth song to be a cover. That's a compromise I think I can live with, I've been thinking Helter Skelter & Kick out the jams, but we'll wait & see.

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