Monday, September 3, 2012

Mojo Acoustic - August 31 2012

Do It Right
Heavy Heart (You Am I)
Heavens Above
Relationship Blues
Kia Tatari Mou
Merry Go Round
Poison Tree

This was a fun set, I got Matt up for the first three tracks. He's really starting to get the harmonies down for 'Do it right' now and we managed to grab the audience right off the bat, which is always good. Next up was a cover of the band You Am I's 'Heavy Heart'

Matt bought his Uke along and played some improvised percussion which was cool & added some nice harmonies on the choruses. 'Heaven's Above' wasn't overly well received but it's really starting to reveal itself. Like 'Do it Right', I think it's going to take a few play through's before the song really reveals it's power, but it's coming. I believe in this track, I look forward to recording it. 'Lullaby' came & went, 'Relationship Blues' started  pulling the audience back into the set but surprisingly it was 'Kia Tatari Mou' which really pulled the crowd in. It was surprising because I've played it before & the Te Reo has completely alienated people. This time however it silenced the room & got the biggest applause of the night. Sometimes I just can't explain people's reaction to songs & this was one of those times. I've played this song many times both in English & Maori but I've never had a reaction like that for it. I kind of like the randomness of people's reactions, it gives things an unpredictable edge. Like when I feel I've played a song really well & it gets completely ignored : )

Merry Go Round is getting more & more fun to play. It has so many little bits & pieces to it it's always a challenge to play, which was kind of the point of writing it. It's a punchy song too so a good way to reach the audience. I finished with 'Poison Tree' which wasn't the finest rendition I've done but things were kind of going so well by this point it didn't really matter, everyone was just enjoying themselves, myself included.

Overall I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Started strongly, faded a little but brought it round & finished well.

I also played my first gig with the Polly Johnson Set but unfortunately with the adrenalin dump after my set I dropped back about three beers (too many!) and got lost at various points during the set, much to my embarrasment. I feel like I let the team down so will be looking to make that up to them. No more drinking until all my commitments are over!

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