Sunday, July 1, 2012

Comings & goings

I've taken a few weeks break from recording/mixing as I was starting to get a bit jaded with the whole process. As it stands I have mixes of every song but there's still work to be done. The volume levels of the tracks aren't all equal, which is going to require re-mixing some tracks in order to get them to the same volume level as the others. There's also some recording to do which I'm putting off until I have good mixes of every song. Still to come is BV's, horns on 'Only a fool' & piano on 'City Streets'. I may also put a lead on 'I'll wait for you' but I'm not 100% on this as it sounds nice just as it is. My friend Shalesh advised not to as he liked the sparceness of the track but I'm not so sure. Best to record a lead then see if it works or not.
To tell the truth I'm really looking forward to this being over as I want to get started on a solo record. I'm looking forward to recording a bunch of songs with just guitar & vocal. I'm even going to attempt the BV's as well which means I'll be harmonising for the first time. I'm actually starting to hear harmonies now, which is a first for me as traditionally I've been a melody only type of singer. I figure learning to harmonise can only be good for me so quite looking forward to that! Anyway, first things first, gotta finish this goddamn record. I really hope this is the longest a record ever takes me to complete. What a mish!

Solo gigs coming up on August the 9th & 21st.


Crafty Tuesday said...

What are BV's???


Marty said...

Hey Crafty Tuesday! BV's are Backing Vocals. : )