Saturday, November 5, 2011

Meow Cafe - 05 November 2011

Played Meow Cafe last night in support of the Rodrigo Brothers. The boys just wanted someone to play some tunes after their gig so they could sit back & relax with their crew so I played a 10 track set that was fairly low key:

It's all just a joke anyway
This old house
Do it right
Only a fool
Poison tree
The old man and the sea
I remember
Together, Forever
Let me count the ways I love you

I thought I played alright, my voice was surprisingly sharp considering I haven't gigged in a couple of months. It usually takes a while for my vocals to warm up but I felt good right off the bat. I played alright too, it helped that it wasn't 'my' night so there was nothing to be nervous about, I just jumped up & played. I'm still a few songs short of a good hour long consistantly good set. I have the songs but without help I'm limited with what song choices I can choose. For example I can't play most of the Pisces tunes because they need the full band to flesh them out & a lot of my solo tunes are quite delicate and requires the listener to really be paying attention. I think I need about three really strong solo songs that I can play when my audience starts to drift. At the moment I'm struggling to hold a pub audience for a full set. It's different in a more intimate setting but it's not always going to be like that. It just means I need to go up another level and find some bigger songs.

Overall I give the set a 6/10. Some good moments but it also showed a lack of substance in some of the songs when I'm playing in a louder 'pub' type atmosphere.

It was a fun show

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