Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Southern Cross - Kroon for your Kai

Do it right
Poison Tree
I hear the train a comin'
Let me count the ways (I love you)
Jimmy Jones
I told you brother
The old man and the sea

Played the Southern Cross's "Kroon for your Kai" last night. It's never a pleasant experience trying to battle through crowd noise at a bar, where people are there to socialise and not for the performer. As I started to play my second song a group of seven or eight people took the table directly in front of me, like within a metre of where I was sitting, and just completely ignored me and started talking and laughing like they where outside in a garden bar. It's no biggie but it illustrates the quandry of doing these types of gigs. If you compare it to the Mojo shows where it's all about the performer, there's just no comparison. I raced through the set, I just decided to ignore the crowd basically & play as loud as I could. I'm not sure if I impressed people or pissed them off! The latter I'm guessing but I didn't really care. I give the show a 5/10.

Just getting off the negative tip for a second, the venue itself is great, it's a fantastic bar with a great garden bar & the mc/organiser for the night, Mara, was a lovely host & completely welcoming to a new performer such as myself. the Kai was pretty good too:

Also got see to this young guy perform again. I first saw him at Molly's a while back when we both entered the battle of the bands. He actually placed that night & went through to the final, (I didn't!) I'm not sure how he fared but he was certainly memorable, if only for his adorable naivety (& I mean that in a good way) you could tell that he truly believed in his playing and his music, as you should. He reminds me of a young Nick Drake.

He didn't fare much better than me last night but it didn't seem to faze him, he just carried on with his delicate songs & plugging his free ep/album from his website. Check it out & have a listen, he's definately got something & I hope he follows through, I'll be keeping an eye out to see what he does from here. & I'm more than a little jealous that he's organised enough to have a website & album able to be downloaded! Good kid.

PS If anyone knows how to stop Blogger from adding spaces to your sentences when you add a photo I'd be grateful to know how, cause it does my head in.

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