Wednesday, March 10, 2010

lordy, lordy, lordy: Recording 3

Went up to Allan's for our third session on Sunday. I did vocal & guitar on 'I'll wait for you' & 'Hope', & also tambarine for 'Jimmy Jones'. He was kind enough to put them on CD for me to take away so I've been listening to them alot since. Really happy with the way they're sounding, I think we're capturing the essence of the songs which is the most important thing. It's never going to be a professional studio level quality so I'm going more for feel, just trying to capture the heart of the songs & in this sense it's coming along well. That's four tracks down six to go, two more acoustic, 'Lover' & 'City Streets' then the difficult electric tracks, 'Only a fool', 'In the meantime', 'Fallen' & Secret Garden'. Hopefully the final recording has an amateurish sound but with exciting songs that cut through the recording (with all due respect to Allan & his studio). That would be a worthy first record to me.

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