Sunday, December 20, 2009

Pisces LP: Recording 01

Saw 'Avatar' today. Was pretty cool, Sam Worthington's the man. It was a bit long but overall a stunning movie to look at. & Michelle Rodriguez is all kinds of hot..

We started recording a first Pisces LP yesterday at Graeme's singer from the Rod's, Allan's, place. We got 10 drum tracks down:

Secret Garden
I'll wait
Only a fool
Jimmy Jones
In the meantime
City streets
Carly came & did the vocal for Jimmy Jones & Graeme & I were happy with our guitar parts on it as well so the song is pretty much done barring tamborine, it sounds fantastic. Carly's vocal is brilliant & gives the song so much more emphasis. It really is a track that only she should sing, I don't think I'll be attempting it anymore.
I'm heading back to Allan's on Wed to record 12 string guitar on Portrait, it should give the song an interesting sound. A 12 string guitar has a brightness to it that 6 string's don't have so it'll be interesting to hear how it comes out.
Overall the recording went well. We blasted through songs only doing double takes on three or four of them. The rest were one take wonders, mistakes & all. I'm hoping that the final recording will have a live vibe, quite loose but hopefully the songs are strong enough that they shine through regardless. I want it to be a special recording so a lot's gonna come down to what happens from here. I'm going to try to work on it steadily & get it finished over the summer. One night a week Allan willing. A lot will depend on how often Allan's gonna be able to handle me coming round.
Anyway, I'll keep posting as the recording continues.

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