Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slow Train Coming

That's the title of a track I've had knocking around for a few years that I haven't been able to write decent music for. It seemed an appropriate title considering it's been about three months since I last updated.

"Slow train coming, from a distance
Mooves closer, through my resistance
I light a candle & I wait an hour
Slow train coming, I can, feel your power

Lover, be still, rest here, an hour
It's my heart, my tears, my wine, my child"


Things have been good, Mike's (our drummer) lady found a review of us on Wellington live, a website I had no idea existed. Have a read, it's pretty positive about us. She mentions in it that she can't find any record of us on the net which I kind of like. I want us to stay under the radar. I'd hate for us to be in peoples faces, I guess it's about finding a healthy balance & our own niche. We need enough support to be able to play the shows we want & record the records the way we want them to sound. For that we need exposure so finding a balance where we're not prostituting ourselves is the where I want us to be.

Liam Finn's touring soon, wouldn't mind checking that out..

We played on Wednesday up at San Fran;

Lordy Lordy
Only a fool
City Streets
I'll wait for you
Jimmy Jones
Secret Garden
Over you
In the meantime


First time we've done an encore, unfortunately by then my hand was cramping & I could hardly hold my pick. I've got a wave file of 'Masquerade' so will try to attach it also.
We played well, looooved playing Lordy Lordy, is a slow 12 bar blues which was a an ideal start to the night I thought (was told later in the evening to never open with it again, but what would he know?) slow & sexy - the rest of the set was pretty upbeat so I wanted to ease into it. We smoked for the first three tracks & settled into a nice groove for the show. Had a couple of comments that it was our best show, so we're moving in the right direction.

We were without Carly for the show & I've been thinking it may be time to head forward without her. She has a lot on her plate & it can be difficult organising around her, the three of us can make a decent racket without her so could be time to move forward as a three piece. I'm sure there'll be a few men that disagree, but it could be time. Will think on it some more.

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