Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hi ho, it's off to work we go

Played San Fran last night. About 35 people showed up, was an appreciative crowd, at one point during the quieter moments of 'Hope' the whole room was silent. Was quite a thing, I can usually hear chatter chitter but we seemed to have won them over last night.
Opened with a new track - Over you - which we had only rehearsed once on Monday, it worked ok. It was a track I was hoping Carly could sing but it's in too low of a key so we'll be working on that to get it closer to what she's comfortable with.

Set list was:

Over you
City Streets
I'll wait for you
Jimmy Jones
Secret Garden
Broken Pieces
Only a fool
We probably could've (& should've) squeezed in another track, but I was too slow on the uptake..

Funnily it was the quieter tracks - Hope, I'll wait for you, Jimmy - which seemed to go across the best. The rockier ones seemed a bit souless to me. Then again, it's hard to gauge what the audience is enjoying, sometimes you think you've duffed a track & someone will comment how much they like it. As was the case last night with Broken Pieces which I thought was an average rendition of, but Kate said it was her favourite.. go figure. It's hard for me to be objective about things sometimes, even while we're playing I'm critiqueing everything, audience response, my playing, my singing, the other's performances. I might hear a duff note, which most people will completely miss..

Overall was happy with the gig, really nice to see Mum's brother & his family come along as well as Graeme's brother & Fam, I think we play music that can appeal to most ages, as you need to if you're going to play big gigs & sell a lot of records.. but yeah, happy with the show, no other gigs lined up so back to door knocking. Might try the Adelaide.
Till next time..

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