Thursday, December 13, 2007

It years 20 years ago today..

Sargent pepper and the band played last Wed night at Blend.

The setlist was:

Fall again
City Streets
Secret Garden
I'll wait for you
Broken pieces
Only a fool

The show went well, we soundchecked with 'Turning away' after which the bar manager told me to turn it down - even though I thought it was already barely audable, so down it went again.
Not many people showed, that's not necessarily important - as long as we're consistantly good people will come, but as far as getting more gigs there the bar manager has to justify the cost of paying us. I might have to promote us playing a bit better. We're probably one or two songs short of really putting on a great show too, we have good songs but I feel we need a couple that really hit hard & take us up again. Will work on that, unfortunately there's not a song tap you can just turn somewhere, you're a slave to the music, it comes in it's own sweet time. I think it's best to trust it & let it lead you rather than try to force it out.

Back to the gig, we started slowly, my harmonica crapped out on me again, I can't get clean notes out of it anymore it's too jammed with gunk. I'll need a new one soon. After that though, Control, City Streets & Secret Garden all went well. The guys are learning the songs now so they're more confident playing them. It was the first public outing of 'I'll wait for you' which is a love song sung by a guy who's just died singing to his wife, I think it's a great song & it sounded good live. Rest of the show went alright, Dave took a video of 'Lover' which I'll get put on dvd, finished with a rockin version of 'Only a fool', I always felt the chorus was a bit bare, it had potential but the chords left too much space, I changed the Em to an octave higher & it fills the gap nicely so the song sounds a lot fuller, very happy with it now.

Anyway, that's it for Pisces for 2007. Looking forward to getting straight into 2008 & having Carly's lovely vocals back.

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