Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Future

Show went ok. Set list was:

I'll wait for you
Take me home
This old house
Secret Garden
Old man
Jimmy Jones

Carly joined me from SG onwards. Again, I couldn't hear anything we played so couldn't get a grasp for how it was sounding. All I could hear was people talking. Had a lot of good feedback which surprised and pleased me as I thought a lot of it was going over peoples heads.

Band plays on the 26th, set list is currently:

Secret Garden
Broken peices
City streets
Jimmy Jones

Hopefully we get a chance to play all eight. We've been kicked off early in the past.

Have decided to start the recording of the first Pisces album in March next year when my contract finishes at work. I'll continue to work part time but focus on getting the album done. Not sure how I'm going to pay for it, cause it's going to have to be done properly, but I'll think of something. Between now & then we'll have to put on our own show as well, maybe at Happy.

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