Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Two weeks 2 go.

I've changed the set slightly, Carls' brother is coming to the show so we're going to do 'Jimmy Jones' which Carly takes lead vocal on. It's about a 50's housewife that hears Rock'n'roll for the first time and can't control the feelings of liberation she feels, she thinks it's the devil coming out of her radio. It's pretty cool & it'll be good for Carly's bro to see her in action. I think she stole the show at the last gig when she sung it. It was the highlight for me anyway. We didn't have a fold back so I couldn't hear anything I was singing, but she sounded great.

Secret Garden
Broken Pieces
Jimmy Jones
Only a fool

Short & sharp. God, I can't wait to play.

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Leigh said...

Great to read your musical history.
I'm your first comment and this is my first blog... am I now a blogger? lol.
Good idea. It was very interesting and I learnt something.
Wish we could be there to see you play.
Maybe next time?
Damn didn't know I had to sign up for a google account to send this.